Kimberly Process

Diamond Sourcing Policy

At A. T. Thomas Jewelers every diamond is sourced from Kimberly Process compliant importers. You as a customer can be confident that concrete and comprehensive measures are taken to ensure that diamonds we sell are conflict free.

Conflict diamonds or blood diamonds are diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces or fractions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments. After implementation of Kimberley Process the flow of blood diamonds has been dramatically reduced.

Nations with significant involvement in the diamond trade agreed a global certification system to control export and import of rough diamonds mined from January 1st 2003. Kimberly Process members account for approximately 99.8% of global production of uncut diamonds. As a result of the Kimberly Process, diamonds are now among the most monitored and audited of any natural resource in the world. The extensive certification process prevents conflict diamonds from entering the supply chain by isolating non-participating countries from the world diamond market.

We fully support Kimberley Process and require all our trade suppliers of diamonds and diamond jewelry to provide us with a warranty that the diamonds comply with the Kimberley Process. Having said that all diamonds we buy are warranted to be sourced from KPCS (Kimberly Process Certification Scheme) compliant countries.

If you prefer to source your diamond from another country and region, the Ideal 2 diamond is a diamond sourced in Canada, cut and polished then all final grading is done through AGS. This hearts and arrows square shape diamond is available at all times in the showroom.