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Jewelry Care

At A. T. Thomas Jewelers we provide you with a Jewelry Care Guide that will help your jewelry last forever. Here are some tips to keep your jewelry from being damaged.

  • It's always advisable to wait until you have applied makeup, perfume, and hairspray before wearing jewelry.

  • When showering or getting into a swimming pool make sure you have removed all of your jewelry.

  • Wrap your jewelry in a tissue or cloth separately while stored. Avoid leather or plastic bags when storing jewelry.

  • When doing household work always remove your jewelry. Chemicals and other substances can interact with metal and stones in your jewelry.

  • Educating yourself on the proper way to take care of your jewelry is a wise idea. However, make sure you never use bleach to clean, as it can destroy your jewelry. In addition, never clean jewelry that is already damaged. Doing so may worsen damage or cause lost stones. Water and mild soap are acceptable ways to clean most jewelry.

  • Bring your jewelry to A. T. Thomas Jewelers regularly to have it checked for wear to prevent further damage. We recommend checking the¬†jewelry items you wear regularly every six months.