Jewelry Appraisals

Our team is happy to help you sort through your jewelry to determine which items are most important to insure. If you need an accurate, valid appraisal of jewelry for insurance purposes, our staff can assist you with jewelry appraisals. In order for us to appraise fine jewelry, it is necessary to bring it into A.T. Thomas Jewelers. Our staff will itemize the pieces and pre-establish general information about the materials, gemstones, diamonds, and values of your precious jewelry in order to prepare a receipt of what you will be entrusting us with. During the jewelry appraisal process, your items will undergo jewelry cleaning and inspection. A completed appraisal document will be created to satisfy the needs of your insurance company and will be retained in our system for simple future updates as required. Appraisals are done in-house.

We maintain a secure database to ensure that any appraisals you may have can be easily updated in the future (for an additional fee) by simply allowing us to view the jewelry to confirm its condition and existence. We send loose or mounted gemstones to be lab-tested, when necessary, for treatments and origin identification. Jewelry appraisals typically range from $135 for a full appraisal but can become higher depending on the items and the processes necessary to authenticate them.